How to ride a penny skateboard?


It is a cheap plastic skateboard called a “penny board.” It’s flexible and light, which makes it great for going to work or walking through a city. There are a lot of things you’ll need to learn how to do on a penny board, like how to stand, kick, and move around on it.

Standing on a Penny Board

1. Choose the right shoes.

They should wear closed-toed, low-heeled shoes if they ride penny boards. Check to make sure that your toes aren’t exposed if you fall or trip and need to get up. It has a flat sole, so you can feel and hold the whole board.

2. Place your penny board on a flat surface

If you have never ridden a skateboard before, this is very important. When you’re on your board, you’ll be able to control it better if you put it down on a flat surface.

If you want the best results, lay the board down on a flat surface like gravel or grass. Then, stand on the board. A fall on gravel won’t make you lose your balance while you learn how to stand on the board.

Hold on to something to keep yourself from falling down, and don’t let go of it. Make use of a handrail or wall if there is one nearby.

3. Place your right or left foot on the board.

It’s best to put your foot in the middle of the two screws that connect your front trucks to your board. If you don’t want to kick, this is the foot you won’t use. It will always be in front of your other foot so you can stay stable. You should have your body facing forward.

Some skaters will ride mongo, which means that you push with your front foot when you go (usually dominant foot). Mongo pushing is when you keep your foot on the back of the board, not the front.

If you’re a normal skater, you’ll start with your left foot and move forward by facing right.

Goofy skaters start with their right foot and move forward by facing left.

4. Then, put the ball of your other foot on the floor.

Putting it where you think you’re going to kick it In the same way that you work on your balance with your other foot, try to pick this one up and down as well.

The easiest way to figure out how wobbly your board is is to stand on one foot on it. The more you know about how far you can lean while riding and turning, the better.

If you see a lot of wobbling on your board, tighten the screws on your trucks to stop it. Trucks are what hold your wheels and deck together. To change the trucks, use a tool for skateboards to do it Turn the kingpin to the right with your tool to make it tighter.

5. Make sure your front foot is level.

Get comfortable with where your front foot is going to be on your board before moving on. To make sure you don’t sway, keep one foot on the ground while you kick the other.

Then, move your dominant foot so that your whole foot is pressing down on the board with both the ball and heel of your foot.

With both feet on the board, you may have to shift more if you move your front foot back.

When you are standing, the front of your shoe should cover at least the first two screws.

There is no way for a normal adult to stand on a penny board with their feet so close together.

6. Change to a “coasting” mode.

Angularly place your front foot on the board. It’s best to put one foot on each side of the board at a 90-degree angle, and the other foot on each side of that.

The back of your foot will be on the board. Your foot should be where the board’s body meets the lip.

To move your front foot, lift your heel and turn on the ball of the foot.

Goofy skaters skate with their right foot in front instead of their left.

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