How to prevent speed wobbles?

How to Avoid Electric Skateboard Speed Wobble

We all get speed wobble when riding a regular or electric skateboard, especially when we are just starting out or when we try to push the board too hard.

Wobble for Speed or Wobble for Death

The speed wobble happens when the steerable wheels on an electric skateboard start to move back and forth at a rate of between four and ten hertz. At first, you don’t feel any oscillations, but as their size increases, you lose the board completely.
Also, it makes it hard to control and keep your balance on the electric skateboard. Because of this, you will feel unsteady, especially when turning the e-skateboard quickly.
Most of the time, speed wobbling happens when you ride an e-skateboard faster than 20 miles per hour. Because of this, you shouldn’t go faster when going downhill or turning.
We all know that the speed wobble of an electric skateboard is scary and could lead to some very bad accidents on the road.
So, it’s important to know what causes the speed wobble in the first place.

Why Does an Electric Skateboard Wobble at Speed?

This problem with electric skateboards could be caused by a number of things:

• Foot in the wrong place

Beginners often put their front foot in the middle of the deck and their back foot over the back truck. This is the right way to stand, but it can sometimes cause speed wobble.
The best way is to put the front foot further forward, not in the middle. But you should be careful not to hang your heel or toes over the railing.
Putting your front foot at a 45-degree angle to the board is the best way to ride an electric skateboard. Also, the back foot should be about shoulder-width away from the front foot, which makes a 45-degree or 90-degree angle.

• Your trucks aren’t tight enough.

Trucks that are too loose can be good or bad. One of the best things about loose trucks is that they make the electric skateboard responsive, especially when turning at more than 20 miles per hour.
On the other hand, loose trucks are one of the main causes of speed wobble. When the trucks are loose, it’s clear that they swing violently.
If you want to drive your electric skateboard faster than 10 miles per hour, you should tighten the trucks. Also, you can always change the trucks to make yourself more comfortable.

•Difference in how tight the front and back of the truck are

Speed wobble can also happen if the rear and front trucks don’t have the same tightness. For example, you will definitely have speed wobble if the front trucks are tighter than the back trucks.
So, the back truck turns more than the front truck, which causes a dangerous fishtail that will soon throw you off the board.
The front truck and wheels are a big part of how the e-skateboard is turned. You won’t be able to steer, though, if the back trucks can turn more.

•Wrong way to move the weight

Keeping an electric skateboard balanced is not an art; it’s just a matter of physics.
Some people lean more on their back foot, which puts pressure on the bushings. It could make the back trucks turn more than the front ones, which could cause the speed to wobble. You should put more weight on your front foot instead of your back foot.

• The board is too tall.

When compared to drop-deck boards, top-mount boards are a bit taller. Also, because of the leverage on the trucks, they can turn more easily.
On the other hand, putting the board higher on the wheels may make it less stable. A drop-deck skateboard makes you feel more stable and balanced than a top-mount board.
You can fix the problem by swapping out the high-level trucks for lower-level trucks or by using a restricted bushing setup. This is a good way to get better at riding a skateboard.

How to Keep an Electric Skateboard’s Speed from Wobbling

Now that you know why speed wobbles happen, you’re probably wondering how to stop them on an electric skateboard. We’ve put together a list of ways to stop speed wobbles, which is good news.
First, you can tighten the trucks to limit the electric skateboard’s ability to turn, which can cause it to swing around quickly. Also, it’s important to make sure that the front and back trucks are tight.
You can also change the trucks to suit how you like to ride. For example, if you make a lot of turns while riding the board, you need to be more flexible. Then you need to loosen the front trucks and tighten the back trucks.
Everyone understands what a wheelbase is. It is the distance between the centers of the front and back wheels. It means that the wheelbase of short e-skateboards is smaller than that of longboards. Yes, you can turn on a short e-board, but it wobbles more than a long one.

You can also connect the trucks to the e-skateboard using a base plate. If you choose a baseplate that is too high, your electric skateboard may wobble. So, you should use stiffer bushings to keep the baseplate in a lower position, resulting in less turning range and, as a result, less speed wobble.
Drop-deck e-skateboards are better than top-mount e-boards because they are closer to the ground and give you more stability and less wobbling.
In the same way, a drop-down e-board is better than a drop-through because it lets you carve better.
Also, don’t even think about shifting your weight while you’re turning. Let the board move with the flow. If you try to move it against the flow, you’ll mess up the pivot point and have a bad fall.


The most important thing you should take away from this guide is to understand why speed wobble happens and then use the techniques to stop it. But you don’t have to use them all at the same time. Instead, fix the problem that is making the speed fluctuate.
Lastly, if you feel speed wobble, don’t panic, just relax, bend your knee, and lower your body.
Because this method is based on physical laws, you should never doubt how well it works. As the body moves closer to the board, the pivot point moves closer to the ground. So, you can bring the board back into balance.