How to Determine You Are Regular or Goofy Footed?

Are You A Regular Person Or A Goofy Person?

Before you even begin to strap onto your snowboard or adjust your bindings, you’ll need to determine if you’re a normal or goofy rider. Whichever leg is leading downhill and which leg is in the back of your board determines your riding posture (normal or goofy).

The term “regular” refers to someone who leads with their left leg. This is the most popular riding posture in general.

Goofy riding, sometimes known as “fakie” riding, is when a rider leads with their right leg.

Forward with the right leg
How Do I Decide Which Option To Take?
If you participate in other board sports such as skating, surfing, wakeboarding, or kiteboarding, you’re likely to ride your snowboard similarly. If you do not participate in any other board sports, have no fear; your dominant leg will often be your rear foot, since it will give the greatest balance.
We’re going to go through a few of tests that you may use to determine whether you should begin riding regular or goofy.
Test 1: Recall how you used to kick a soccer ball, or better yet, go ahead and kick a ball or a piece of snow! You could be regular if you kicked with your right foot. Perhaps silly if you kicked with your left foot.
Test 2: requires you to stand upright with your eyes closed. Encourage yourself ahead by having a buddy gently push you. Keep track of which foot you place forward to maintain balance. That will almost certainly be your front foot.
Test 3: The final test may be conducted in a variety of ways. The first method involves sprinting on snow and immediately stopping, as though on hockey skates. The position in which you came to a halt is a solid indicator of the position in which you should snowboard. Additionally, you may do this test on wooden floors while wearing socks, a button-up shirt, and no pants. Begin sprinting and attempt to slide over the floor. Consider Tom Cruise’s performance in Risky Business.
Trick Tip: If you subsequently decide that riding in the other direction is more comfortable, changing is simple. The majority of beginning rental boards are already set up with a centered stance, so you may ride it goofy or straight.

What Does Skateboarding’s “Goofy Foot” Mean?

Skateboarding has two stances: standard and goofy. Goofy-footers skate with their right foot in front of the board and propel themselves forward with their left. “Regular riding” refers to skating with your left foot forward and pushing your board with your right foot.

How to Determine Whether You Are Flat-Footed or Goofy-Footed

Skateboarders generally utilize their dominant foot as their rear foot to facilitate control of their skateboard. To ascertain which posture is best for you, stand straight and allow someone to gently nudge you from behind. Whichever leg you use to support yourself is your lead leg. Additionally, you may walk up a staircase to assist you in determining your natural posture. If you lead with your right leg as you up the stairs, you’re more likely to ride regularly. If your left leg leads, you may want to experiment with the goofy-footed posture.
However, it is important to remember that how you ride is mainly determined by your comfort level, not your left or right handedness. Regular riders do not all have a dominant right hand, and goofy riders do not all have a dominant left hand. Experiment with both positions and see which one feels most natural to you.


Choose one or two of these approaches and experiment with them. The critical point is to choose a course and get started. You may always alter it as you go.