How to clean skateboard bearings with household items?

how to clean skateboard bearings

Cleaning your skateboard bearings may be both difficult and frightening. However, learning how to clean them just takes a few minutes, so it is not time consuming. Bearings need lubrication to function correctly.

The greatest method to keep things moving is with oil and grease. When cleaning skateboard bearings, you’ll want to use something that can remove oil or grease. Isopropyl alcohol and acetone are two excellent organic solvents for cleaning your car’s bearings.

Using Household Items to Clean Skateboard Bearings

Clean skateboard bearings using lubricants and cleaners designed for skateboard bearings. This is the most secure and safest method of cleaning skateboard bearings. As a side aside, some household things may be really beneficial for cleaning skateboard bearings.

At home, you may discover acetone-based nail cuticle removers, bike oil petroleum jelly, and silicone-based lubricants. Grease the wheels before reassembling them. WD40 is not a suitable choice for cleaning bearings since it is prone to becoming filthy.

Acetone is the most often used solvent for cleaning skateboard bearings. This is perfectly safe for both you and the bearings.

Care and Maintenance of Skateboard Bearings

In this session, we’ll demonstrate three methods for cleaning skateboard bearings: You may use any of these cleaning procedures depending on when you last cleaned them and how much time you have available.

Procedure I


This is a simple and fast way. Additionally, it is rather straightforward. When you’re in a hurry, this strategy works well. If you clean the bearings on a regular basis, this is the finest option.

Equipment Required:

  • Keep everything moving by using a spray lubricant.
  • Disposable paper towels, rags, and other miscellaneous goods


  1. Remove the wheels but leave the bearings in place.
  2. Place the wheels and bearings on a dry paper towel or cloth to prevent them from becoming wet.

Ascertain that you have a enough supply of oil. Spray it many times on the bearings. It is critical that the spray reaches the bearings in order to remove any dirt.

Then, using a clean cloth, pat the wheels. Cover them with the towel to aid in their drying.

This step involves reinstalling the wheels on your skateboard.

II.This way of cleaning may be somewhat time consuming. On the other hand, this strategy is more efficient than the previous one.

Equipment Required:

  • Keep everything moving by using a spray lubricant.
  • Towels or rags work well as well.

Additionally, it includes a socket wrench.


  1. This cleaning procedure requires that you remove the bearings from the wheels. Take extreme caution while doing this task. Avoid misusing the shield, since this might result in injury to yourself or others. If it is broken, the bearings become useless. This implies you’ll also need to swap out the bearings and shield at the same time.
  2. If possible, take care of the washers as well.
  3. If you remove the bearings, place them on a cloth to prevent them from becoming dirty.
  4. Clean the bearings with a spray lubrication. Spray all over the bearings to remove dirt and oil.

It is now time for number five. After cleaning the bearings, lay them out on another clean cloth. Cover them with the cloth to dry.

It’s time to repeat the procedure with the remaining bearings! Keep the bearings’ rubber shields outside while reattaching them to the wheels. Each bearing on the skateboard wheels is replaceable with a single finger. Reposition them as far back as possible. The axle should be fitted with wheels. Additionally, secure the lock nut to the top of the wheels.

It is time to get the necessary tool. Screw the nut in slowly. The lock nut completely inserts the bearings. Don’t forget to go cautiously to avoid damaging the bearings.

III. Method

This procedure is more time-consuming than the other two. Because that is the most effective method.

Equipment Required:

  • Two sanitized cans or bowls

A towel or a rag

  • The coffee filter is now sitting on the burner.

Additionally, it includes a socket wrench.

  • Kerosene, mineral spirits, acetone, or any combination of these substances
  • A lubricating cream has been added to the list.


  1. Ensure that you have removed all bearings. They should be placed in a container or dish. You must remove the shields in this way. Take special care not to injure it. When working on the edges, you must use more caution. That is why this way of cleaning takes so long.
  2. Distribute the solvent evenly over the bearings.
  3. Gently swirl the fluid around to dislodge any debris.
  4. Place the cleaned bearings in a bowl of solvent. Allow them to soak for a few minutes.
  5. After soaking the bearings, remove them from the solvent and pat them dry. Compressed air cans are ideal for this.
  6. Reinstall the bearings in the wheels using lubrication cream. Then reinstall the wheels.
  7. Remove the filter from the solvent container and place it on top. Place the contents of the container inside. To keep the solvent clean, you may place it in a container fitted with a filter.

Cleaning and lubricating your skateboard bearings is necessary.

Maintaining and cleaning your skateboard bearings is critical for a variety of reasons. Additionally, they extend the life and performance of the bearings. Additionally, these measures will preserve the wheels in good condition.

Dirt will accumulate on the bearings of your skateboard over time if you ride it every day. You should inspect your skateboard bearings at least once a week. If you don’t, you could be astonished one day to discover them shattered.

Regularly cleaning and maintaining your bearings can help them survive a long period. They are one among your skateboard’s most pricey components. They are not inexpensive. They, like your skateboard wheels, need maintenance.

Keeping your skateboard bearings in excellent condition can also assist avoid any difficulties. It may also assist you in identifying any problems with your skateboard’s performance. Additionally, keep in mind that by regularly cleaning your skateboard bearings, you will ensure your safety while riding.


Cleaning and maintaining the bearings on your skateboard may be a lot of labor. Individuals who are not very skilled skaters may find the task unpleasant. Acquire accurate bearings and maintain them clean and tidy, just like you would a decent skateboard for your own purposes!

To begin, if this is your first time purchasing a skateboard bearing, you must understand how to clean and care for it. The three strategies outlined above will be your finest allies while you complete the assignment. Choose the cleaning approach that is most appropriate for the scenario, and then implement it.