How to choose rollerblades ?

When you are looking for fitness roller blades, there are three things you need to keep in mind: You should choose about one European or half a UK size bigger than your normal shoe size. You should also think about the wheel size and whether you want a soft-boot or a hard-boot.

Fitness roller blades are good for both working out and having fun. They have nice and easy rides. They are well-known for their good fit and high level of comfort, and they are also breathable and feel good on your feet so you can skate with ease. They can be used by people of all ages, including kids and people who are old.

Fitness roller blades – for the healthy and social people who want to stay fit and have fun.

Fitness roller blades are a fun way to burn calories and get some fresh air in your lungs at the same time. It’s also a great way to spend time with your family, friends, or your partner.

Many doctors even say that if you have problems with your knees, you should try inline skating instead of running. When you skate, you make long, sliding movements that are less rough on your knees than when you run. Then, you still get to enjoy a good time in the nature that you love.

There are a lot of different types of recreational inline skates, so you can find one that you like.

Wheels for inline skates for exercise

Wheel Size

Wheel size is determined by how far you want to run.

You should use bigger wheels if you want to go a long way, like in a marathon or when you work out. To keep the speed up and use less energy, do this. Wheels with a diameter of 90-100 mm, or even 110 mm, are the best choice for you.

You should use smaller wheels if you want to skate a short distance, like in a city. This will make your skates more flexible, which will make it easier for you to stop and turn, making it easier for you to skate. A wheel size of 80-84 mm is ideal.


With an A, you can tell what the wheel durometer is. For inline skates that are used for exercise, the ideal durometer is 78-85A.

There is a bigger A number, which means that the wheels are harder to move.

People who have wheels that are soft have an A number that is less than 1.

The wheel durometer affects how long the wheels last, how well they grip, how fast they go, and how well they absorb shock.

People who have softer wheels have better grip and shock-absorption, but they also have a shorter lifespan and less speed.

Harder wheels mean a longer life and faster speed, but less grip and shock protection.


To make sure that your roller blades work at their best, you need to treat the bearings well. Keep away from water and moist as best you can.

Keep away from sand and dirt.

The bearing is a part of the wheel that helps the wheel move. At SkatePro, we usually choose bearings based on the ABEC scale, which tells us how precise the bearing is.

It’s easier to keep going at a steady speed when you have a higher ABEC rating. This makes it easier for you to keep going and roll better.

We suggest that you buy from a well-known brand instead of only looking at the ABEC rating. The quality of a bearing isn’t determined by ABEC alone, but by a number of other factors. ABEC 5 bearings made by one brand can roll better than ABEC 5 bearings made by another brand. In case you want to learn a lot more about bearings, you can read our guide to buying them.

Boots and liners

comparison of soft and hard boots.

There are soft and hard shells and boots for different types of weather. It’s up to you.

A soft shell or boot is usually more comfortable and breathable than a hard shell.

A hard boot or shell is usually more stable and gives you more control.

There are some roller blades that have separate inner boots (liners) that you can buy to make the boots a little more comfortable. However, with fitness inline skates, this isn’t usually necessary because they already have a comfortable liner built in from the start, which makes them very comfortable. This is something they are already known for.

Roller blades for both men and women

Most roller blades come in women’s and men’s versions that aren’t very different except for the way they look. Some brands, on the other hand, have made shoes that are specifically for women and men.


Always read the size guide that is available on the product pages, if there is one.

Choose about one EU size bigger than your normal shoe size, unless it says otherwise in the size guide. This is unless it says otherwise.

Aim to try the skates on for about 10-15 minutes. Only try them inside if you want to return them.

Your toes should move a little. They shouldn’t touch the skate’s nose. If your roller blades start to squeeze right away, they will hurt when you go for a longer run. However, keep in mind that boots tend to grow a little after a while. If you have a soft-boot, it will grow more than a hard-boot.

Some skates, like the K2, are better for people with small feet because they feel tighter around the foot. Then, brands like Rollerblade and Powerslide are popular with people who have bigger feet. This is why they often choose these types of shoes.

People have different feet, so you can never be 100% sure that the first pair of inline skates you try on will fit. To get through this, you have to try a few times, just like you would with normal shoes. Also, don’t forget to use the size guides. They’ll help you a lot.

Closure Method: Buckles and Laces.

Inline skates that are used for exercise often have a system of buckles and laces to keep them on. In some cases, skates can even be made tighter by turning a knob. As you turn the knob, the skates get tighter and tighter. Putting buckles on shoes is faster than putting laces on them, and it is easier to get the same fit again. With laces, on the other hand, you can tighten the boot in different places on your foot.

It’s up to you whether you want to use one or the other of the two closure systems. If you want to be able to control your roller blades in the best way possible, choose a pair of skates with a closure system that fits you well and gives you the best control.

Most roller blades come with a built-in brake. If you prefer to brake with your other foot, you can move the brake to the other skate. You should buy an extra set of brakes from the start because brakes are a part that will wear down at some point.

Always have another pair ready to go, and you also avoid the risk of a brake being out of service. However, well-known brands usually have brakes for the same car for a long time.


Fitness inline skates often have aluminum frames, which are more stable and stiff than nylon/composite frames. This means that more power can be transferred through the skates than through nylon/composite frames. If you want to cut down on your lap time, you should go with an aluminum frame. Unless you plan to use your roller blades for exercise and cozy rides, it doesn’t matter which you buy.

Skate Protection is a hashtag that people use to talk about how to

All the time, we suggest that you use certified safety gear. There are only things that have been approved by the EN 1078 standards. It has also been used by skaters to test out more of our gear.

People should wear a skate helmet because it protects the back of their head. They should also wear wrist guards because they usually use their hands when they fall.

When you think about skate protection, keep in mind that it doesn’t just protect you. It can also make you feel safe, giving you the courage to try new things and learning faster. Besides, if you were to fall, it wouldn’t hurt as bad as if you fell without your safety gear on.