How to choose ice skates ?

Buying Guide for Ice skates for Kids and Adults

Learn about the different types of beginner’s ice skates for kids and adults. Fast and easy to move around, hockey skates are a good choice for people who are just starting out. They also offer good support for the foot. People who want to start skating on ice with hybrid skates should choose them because they have a soft-soled boot. This makes them good for people who just want to ride around in comfort. There are skates for figure skating if you want to learn how to do things like jump and spin.

If you only plan to skate a few times a year, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on ice skates. In general, more expensive ice skates are more comfortable and supportive around the ankle. You can get cheap ice skates for about 25 pounds.


Buy the right size ice skates for you.

When buying figure skates, it is important that you don’t buy them too big, because you need to have complete control over the blade so you can do figure and jump moves. The ice skates must be strong but not too tight. A finger should be able to fit behind your heel when the laces/buckles are loose and your foot is moved forward. With the same socks you plan to wear for ice skating, you should also try on the skates.

Kids’ ice skates come in a lot of different sizes, so the length of the boot can be changed. They can grow about 3 or 4 sizes with the ice skates. Adjustable ice skates are only for fun, and they are just as good as regular skates in terms of quality. If your child is still growing and only needs skates for fun, we suggest adjustable skates.

To help you figure out what size to get, read the size guides. At the bottom of each product page, you will find a link to the guide.

Ice skates are good for speed and for beginners

ice hockey skates are good for playing ice hockey, but they can also be used for skating on the ice if you are new or if you have a “need for speed.”

The ice skate has a hard shell that will protect your feet when you play ice hockey. The inside of the skate is well-padded, making it comfortable to wear even though it has a hard shell. This is also why they are good for beginners looking for comfortable skates. The boot is made to give good support to your ankle and foot. The blade is short and curved, making the ice skates easy to move around and good for quick acceleration to get going, but not so good for long rides. The front of hockey skate blades don’t have toe picks like figure skates do. Because the skates are not meant to make figures, your blade won’t get stuck in the ice and make you lose your balance.

You can buy hybrid ice skates from us at SkatePro. They have the blade of ice hockey skates and the soft boot of fitness inline skates. if you already wear inline skates that have soft boots, the transition will be easier because you get the same kind of comfort. Hybrid ice skates are only for “normal” ice skating, not for speed skating.

Figure skates are used to do tricks and figure things.

Figure skates are for people who want to make shapes on the ice. When you start skating, you put your toe picks on the front of the blade. You can do things like pirouettes and jumps with them. Three to four toe picks are enough.

The boot comes in both real leather and fake leather. Leather is often used in figure skates that are more expensive and used by people who work in the field. The boot is usually made of a harder material, which makes it less comfortable to wear. At the same time, more ankle support is given. If you want to wear a pair of boots that are more comfortable to wear, you might want to choose ones made of synthetic leather. However, some modern figure ice skates made of synthetic leather actually offer more support than leather boots and even more padding, making them more comfortable.

These hybrid ice skates are great for kids, beginners, and intermediate skaters.

When it comes to hybrid ice skates, stability and high comfort are the main things to look for. This type of ice skates has a soft boot, like the ones you use for fitness. There are two types of blades: an ice hockey blade and a figure skate blade with toe picks.

Unlike figure skates, they don’t offer the same level of comfort. This is why it might be a good idea for younger kids to buy an ice skate with a figure skate blade. There is no need for them to make any sacrifices in terms of comfort or support. These skates, of course, won’t look like figure skates anymore in terms of style.

3-in-1 skates are good for kids who like to skate.

You can buy three-in-one skates from us if your child also wants to run on regular skates. They come with a boot that you can attach either an ice skate blade, an inline skate wheel, or quad roller skate wheels. There is no need to buy three pairs of skates this way. This way, the skates can be used both in the summer and in the winter. But the quality and performance of each part is not as good if you bought them separately. If only for occasional use, the parts do their job just fine.

Start by renting ice skates from your local skate rink. This will help to narrow down which type of skates you like best.